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  • Hi there! I am about to enter my first year in college and I really wanted to ask you some questions when it comes to accounting. If you could please. 1. What is the highest level of math you had to take? 2. If someone isn't the best at math would you still recommend going for accounting?

    Asked by Anonymous


    Okay, I know that a lot of people think you have to be a genius at math to be an accountant, and that’s not necessarily true. In the past two years of accounting courses, I have only had to do math that involves addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and formulas for time value of money. It’s really just been algebra so far. Additionally, I’ve always been allowed to use a calculator for exams.

    I didn’t take any accelerated or advanced math courses in high school, and when I got to college I took the “normal”-paced math course (basically algebra/pre-calc), as well as statistics. I never took any calculus or trigonometry.

    I’ve personally always seen accounting as learning how to categorize and organize financial information in a way that makes sense to whoever it’s being presented to. Math and numbers are certainly involved, but as long as you have solid algebra skills and can plug numbers into a formula, things shouldn’t be too difficult. You’ll definitely get a better sense of how you feel about the subject when you take a college-level accounting course.

    Good luck! :)

    To all my female followers: I highly recommend reading this book (if you haven’t already), regardless of your major/job/career goals.

    This was an assigned reading for a female leadership course I’m taking this fall, and it is an eye-opening read. I’ve read a few other books on issues women face in the workforce, but none have been as intriguing and interesting as this one.

    Found your tumblr :D Hai. I am also accounting student. Currently, I'm on my final year.

    Asked by Anonymous

    Hello, fellow accounting student! Congrats on being so close to graduating! :)

    Great blog! Love your attitude and commitment! ♡

    Thank you! It makes it worth the effort to know that other people appreciate the content that I post. :)

    I want to know how's life being an accountant? Is it fun?

    Asked by Anonymous

    Well, I’m not an accountant yet…but I certainly enjoy my life as an accounting student right now! :)

    Hey, I remade my tumblr to document my experiences as I start my accounting career at the Big 4. I saw your post about majoring in Bus. Admin, concentrating in Accounting with a minor in Comms. All I gotta say is.... I DID THE EXACT SAME THING, and it's such a great decision for me. I know you'll do well :)

    Asked by andreatey

    No way! I haven’t ever met anybody who has done an accounting/communication combo, so I’m really happy to hear that it worked well for you.
    Congrats on the new job…what a great place to work for an accounting major!

    “ Don’t hesitate or allow yourself to make excuses. Just get out and do it. Just get out and do it. You will be very, very glad that you did. ”

    —    Christopher McCandless (via baelaurel)

    (via attackonstudying)

    I love your blog, glad that I found someone who isn't a downer about doing accounting! Are you doing commerce or is accounting different in America? I'm doing accounting majoring in financial planning and it's only three years, just curious :)

    Asked by psoo-khay

    Thank you so much; you don’t know how much the support means to me.

    I’m not quite sure what “commerce” is, but the degree I’m working towards is my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Accounting and a minor in Business Communications.

    Typically, it’s a four year program, and I’m halfway through! :)

    On the Value of Hard Work.

    This week, I learned the importance of putting effort into everything that I do, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

    I’ve been working as a clerical assistant in a business office, and most of my duties consist of tedious busywork and filing. Being a total perfectionist, I’ve never really slacked off with my work, even when I had the opportunity to. And that work ethic really paid off: the accountants in the building noticed me, and recently offered me a position in the accounts payable department. Needless to say, I accepted.

    Moral of the story: Work hard and people will notice.

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